2019's Daze Of The Month subscription collection theme is Crystals and Gemstones.

How it works:

Each month, you will receive one limited edition shade and a small extra gift (nail art tools, hand/body care, decor, coupons, etc). Shipping is included in the price each month. We ship each months packages around the 15th of that month. 

There are two purchasing options. 1: you can become a subscriber. Once you sign up, you'll be charged immediately for your first box, and then once a month on that date automatically for future boxes. 2: you can purchase each months box by itself, for the duration of that month. This way, you won't be charged automatically, and you can buy the shades you know you'll love. Single month boxes are valid for the month they are purchased for. For example if you place your order 3/31 you're purchasing March's polish. If you purchase 4/1 you're purchasing April's polish.

Please note:

  • The monthly cutoff for each subscription box is the 2nd of that month. For example, if you subscribe on October 2nd, you'll receive Octobers box. If you subscribe on or after October 3rd, the first box you will receive will be Novembers box. If you miss the cutoff for any month, you can still purchase the single box for that month! 
  • Subscription boxes are only shipped to US customers (sorry!)
  • The price each month is $15. This includes shipping.
  • Once subscribed, you can go into your Paypal account and cancel at anytime. 
  • Single month box order placed after the 12th of each month will all ship out during the first week of the following month.