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Nail Polish Application And Removal

Start with clean nails and apply a basecoat, such as GlitterDaze Super Smooth Basecoat,  to help your polish apply smoothly and prevent staining.

Shake or roll polish well* to mix it up and redistribute glitters and pigments evenly. Large glitter shapes are very heavy and like to hang out toward the bottom of the bottle; turn the bottle over for a few minutes to help them come to the top. *sometimes, shaking may cause bubbles in the polish which could translate onto your mani. If bubbles occur, give your polish a few minutes to settle!

When basecoat has dried apply a thin and even coat of polish to each nail. Make sure your first coat is dry before applying the second coat. If a third coat is needed, make sure the second is fairly dry before applying. This will help prevent glitters from all dragging to the tips of the nail.

If using a glitter top-coat, use the dabbing method to get even glitter coverage and prevent glitters from dragging.

Use a high quality thick topcoat to help seal, smooth, and give your nails a high shine. We recommend using GlitterDaze Super Smooth Quick Dry Keratin Topcoat for a glassy smooth finish!

Apply nail polish in a well ventilated area if you are sensitive to smell. 

To quickly and easily remove polish, use the foil method. Start with 10 pieces of 3x3 aluminum foil, 12 cotton balls or felt pads, and acetone-based nail polish remover- GlitterDaze Nourishing Nail Polish Remover will work perfectly for this! Soak cotton ball in remover and place on the nail. Secure a piece of foil to your finger to keep cotton ball in place. We recommend starting with your less dominant hand. Leave foil on fingers for 3-7 minutes then gently pinch down on the cotton ball and slide off. Most of the glitter should come off in one swipe. Remove remaining polish with remaining cotton balls.

Nail Polish Shelf Life

Nail lacquers, along with all other cosmetics, have a shelf life. It is normal for 4-free polishes to separate over time. To help your polish stay in usable condition for the longest possible time, store it upright in a cool and dark location. Give it a little shake every couple of months to help everything redistribute and mix back together. Some effect polishes, such as thermals, have a shorter shelf life than other polishes. Please keep this in mind when purchasing. 


Nail polish is very flammable. Keep away from heat and flames.

Nail polish is toxic when ingested. Do not ingest.

Keep away from children.



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